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Hi there,

I'm Simon, that Photographer.

Born in Birmingham, now living in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

I use the latest technology and all the best equipment from Nikon, including the Nikon D4 & D3x camera bodies. I use the highest quality Nikon lenses, professional lighting, Apple Mac computers, Adobe software and other professional gear as necessary.

A Life of Photography began for me as a hobby when aged 16.  I would photograph scenic landscapes around Birmingham, often along Gas Street Basin, just before Broad Street and the ICC were newly built and modernized.  I would cycle or catch the bus with my Practica MTL camera hidden inside my coat, all ready for a new found adventure of creativity.

For my studies, photography was for three full-days a week for a year at Solihull College, then onto a two year, full-time photography course at Sandwell College in Wednesbury. 

My first career break came immediately after my studies finished, lasting for three years working hard as the Photographers Assistant to Pete Walton of Origins Photography in Aston Cross, Birmingham.  It was just him and me.  Pete is the one I hold responsible for kick-starting me off with almost all I know about lighting.

Following Origins, I moved up to become one of a click of eleven photographers for a business in the centre of Birmingham, lasting seven years.

Since then, I stepped into and helped sustain another major photography business in Solihull as their main photographer. It was here that I recognised I had the experience and all the skills to establish a new and more modern photography business.  In 2004, I established myself in business as Pro Vision Photography; one in the tick list of good decisions I’ve made.  

As well as all the social and wedding photography, I'm regularly on photo assignments in the Midlands and London for well known Corporate clients for their conferences, annual dinners, AGM's, Awards and other PR assignments.

Today, I love to go on holiday with my wife, daughter and three boys.  When the boys and I play football together it often reminds me of the days when all I ever did was kick a ball in the park with my brother and our football crazy mates.  I was always running.  I also love honey on my cereals, the taste of bacon and egg sandwiches, a good roast dinner on a Sunday afternoon, walking the coast when the sun is low to the horizon, Bourneville chocolate, staring into a star lit clear night sky and - of course - shooting scenic landscape photography (given the chance!).

Feel free to meander through my images.  Hopefully you'll enjoy my work, and when you need me I’m only a shutter click away!  Thanks for looking.



Simon Jones.

PS - Please also have a look at my professional corporate and commercial photography website:


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